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The Cube

Produced under the direction of Uwe Flade, for the second instalment of the multimedia The Cube experience, the collaboration reworks one of Choreprapher Franka Marlene Foth’s video works released early this year on Nowness into a 360 degree, multisensory and multichapter immersive exploration of movement with (and through) sound. Uwe directed the episode Exploration.



Choreographer: Franka Marlene Foth
Music: Marlon Beatt
Dancers: Camille Jackson, Janan Laubscher,  Amie-Blaire Chartier,  Yi-Wei Tien
Director of photography: Julian Jonas Schmitt
Editor: Nicola Powell
Colorist: Delfina Mayer

The Cube


Creative direction & production: WAF GMBH
Implementation: 21st Digital

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Production and postproduction: A.F Studio
Executive producer: Aljoscha Babel
Producer: Luisa Babarro
Editor: Eddie Lara
Mixing & sound: Rene Corbett


Director: Uwe Flade
DoP: Tanja Häring
1 AC: Arseny Preobrazhenskiy
Gaffer: David Wilhelm Schmitt
VFX supervisor: Martin Backhaus
VFX & compositing: Johannes Kirschner, Rafael Calleja


360 VR compositing: Martin Backhaus

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