Heavy Bag by Michael Sailsdorfer for Dior x Vogue

Gregor Hohenberg was contacted by the German Vogue and asked if he wanted to do a reportage on Michael Sailstorfer and his collaboration with Dior. He suggested to them to also make a short film for Vogue's Instagram to announce the article. He visited the artist in his studio in Berlin Weissensee. The ZDF was also there. His work Heavy Bag was created for the simultaneous global exhibition by Dior "Lady Dior As Seen By" at the Fuchs Gallery in Berlin 2021, where works by other artists on the topic of Lady Bag were also on display.
Sailstorfer's Lady Bag - Heavy Bag is a 30 kg heavy sculpture made of cast iron.
Gregor was allowed to film him and his entire studio, and there was also an interview by Dr Birgit Sonna. He also filmed on Super8 material to show the studio atmosphere in its improvised but super-aesthetic "roughness". Michael was very open and took the whole day off. Sailstorfer explained his techniques as a stonemason and sculptor, as well as alloys of his metal works. It was especially great to discover the humor in his work in different ways.


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