Brand Identity

Brand Identity
We help brands find their inner core identity. This could be by running a workshop, writing all content, creating the corporate identity, coding the website, designing the logo or just doing a part of everything like animating an existing logo. We also run complete redesigns from storytelling, logo to website. We supervise work from external agencies and freelancers and guide them as well as communicating with stakeholders.

We see precise strategic brand alignment as the cornerstone for growth and sustainable success. Impact and power can unfold when a seamless, customer-centric experience is created at all touchpoints. With a focus on branding and design, we therefore consider the design of your brand and the customer experience as a unit and as an expression of individual personality.

•  Inspire and influence the customers to take action by showing them how the brand can solve their problems and fulfill their needs.

•  Create a memorable and lasting impression with the customers by making them remember the brand story.

To create a compelling brand story, one needs to define the brand purpose, values, voice, and vision, and craft a story that reflects them. One also needs to know the target audience, their pain points, motivations, and aspirations, and tailor the story to resonate with them. One also needs to choose the right channels, formats, and mediums to deliver the story effectively and consistently.

Filmdatabox design was created and executed by blokstudio.

Filmdatabox packshots and creative animations were done by lovehate.

Metropolitan Clinic Logo was designed by TD03.